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Bespoke Products:
Bespoke Suits, Handmade Shirts, Ties & Accessories
The Process  
Each suit is designed with esoteric skill and eruditely drafted to become a personal paper pattern. This is then conveyed to the cloth where it is marked up and hand cut in the finest time- honoured Savile Row tradition by Martin Nicholls. 

It is then sewn simply together in a plain baste and tried-on the client. Martin notes the alterations on the pattern, ‘rips-down’ the baste, smoothes it out, re-marks and re-cuts it, ready for it to be re-stitched to become the second try-on, this time to a more advanced state. This process is repeated several times, until the final fitting, at which point the suit is finished – bar the hand finishing. This is Martin’s chance to check and make sure everything is as it should be. After any minor alterations are effected, the suit is finished and hand pressed ready for delivery…in all about 80 hours of work will have been invested in each garment.

However, its final perfection is not actually realised at this point – only after it has been worn, and through internal body heat and moisture, does it in fact gain its final press… from the inside – and only at this point is the garment truly completed.

Prices start from £2,500* for a 2-piece suit and £3,175* for a 3-piece suit
Shirts start from £180* (min 4) and ties from £130*
* all prices exclusive of VAT and are dependent on fabric

We hand-make 7 fold ties in your choice of silk, width and lengths.

Made-to-Measure shirts made to your requirements and styled to your specifications from a wide range of shirt fabrics. To simplify the process we start with 5 collar shapes; including classic, spread, cut-away, tab and rounded collars with barrel cuffs, double cuffs and the Nicholls turn-back cuff available as a button or cuff link fastening.

Single Breasted 3 button three piece suit made in a super120s pure wool Houndstooth check

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